What surface treatment can be done for precision stainless steel tubes?

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Stainless steel precision tubes are produced, which are superior to ordinary stainless steel tubes in size, performance, and even appearance. The same is true for surface treatment. What surface treatment can stainless steel precision tubes do?

1. Remove the scale

Oxide skin is the appearance of a layer of black hard material on the surface of stainless steel pipes during welding or high-temperature treatment during the forming process. Precision stainless steel pipes will treat the surface oxide skin. The general treatment methods include mechanical polishing or pickling passivation.

Mechanical polishing is to deal with the surface oxidation problem from physical properties, which is simple and quick, but it may affect the precision of the tube body.

Pickling passivation is to use chemical properties to deal with the problem of surface oxidation, which has little effect on the precision of precision stainless steel tubes. It can not only solve the oxidation problem but also remove other stains and scars on the surface. It is a more classic surface oxidation treatment method

2. Polishing treatment

Stainless steel pipes are usually made of 304, 316L high-quality raw materials, and the surface of the raw materials has a brightness of 600 mesh.

With the improvement of people’s requirements for the surface of stainless steel pipes, surface polishing is divided into various bright surfaces such as bright light and mirror light. According to customer requirements, we can use mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, and other methods to achieve the required gloss level for various surfaces.

In addition, in order to have a better visual effect of the pipe, there is gradual surface polishing to achieve a textured surface effect, which we call brushed. There are generally the following types of wire drawing: straight wire drawing, round wire drawing, snowflake wire drawing, nylon wire drawing, and so on.

3. Coloring process

The original coloring process of stainless steel pipes is generally painting, spraying, and electroplating. However, due to the traditional coloring process has a certain impact on the environment, and the traditional coloring process affects the precision of stainless steel pipes to a certain extent.

Therefore, stainless steel precision tubes generally use nano-spraying technology and vacuum plating technology. These two coloring processes not only have minimal impact on the environment but will not even affect the precision of stainless steel pipes.

The surface coloring process of stainless steel pipe can not only give it a variety of colors but also improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of precision stainless steel pipe.