Why can stainless steel welded steel pipes be used as drainage pipes?

stainless steel welded steel pipes

In the past, stainless steel pipes could be used for water pipes mainly as water supply pipes, and most of them were seamless steel pipes. And now we can see that stainless steel drain pipes are installed outdoors, which is what we often call stainless steel downpipes. Why can stainless steel welded pipes be used as drain pipes?

Drinking water supply pipes generally have water pressure requirements, and welded pipes have welds, which are generally unusable.

However, stainless steel can be used as a drainpipe or downpipe. On the one hand, the water pressure can be satisfied. On the other hand, compared with traditional plastic pipes, stainless steel downpipes are not easy to oxidize when exposed to the outside for a long time, have good corrosion resistance, and good hardness, and are not easy to be damaged, so the service life It is also longer; and plastic downpipes, long-term outdoor wind, and rain for a long time are prone to aging, blockage or even leakage in the pipe.

Therefore, stainless steel welded steel pipes can be used in the field of drain pipes or downpipes, and generally large-diameter pipes are used. Here, the editor suggests that you, when purchasing any stainless steel pipe, choose the material according to the purpose.