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How to design the size of axial positioning pipe sleeve forgings?

In order to prevent the pipe sleeve forging from axial movement under axial load, the axial positioning device is applied to the bearing on the shaft and in the hole. How to design the size of axial positioning pipe sleeve forging? The following is mainly for you to talk about. The common pipe sleeve forging orientation positioning method […]

Navigating Quality and Reliability: Unveiling the World of 409 Stainless Steel Sheet Suppliers

409 Stainless Steel Sheet Suppliers

In the realm of stainless steel, 409 stainless steel has emerged as a versatile and widely-used material, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and durability. As industries across the globe seek top-quality materials for their projects, the role of reliable suppliers becomes pivotal. In this blog, we delve into the world of 409 […]

Stainless Steel Flange: The Unsung Hero of Piping Systems

Stainless steel flange

When it comes to the intricate world of piping systems, one crucial component that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in ensuring the smooth functioning and safety of the entire system is the stainless steel flange. This unassuming yet vital piece of hardware acts as a connecting link between pipes, valves, and other […]

What is 316L Stainless Steel Pipe and What Makes it Different?

What is 316L Stainless Steel Pipe and What Makes it Different? 316L stainless steel pipe is a type of austenitic stainless steel that is highly resistant to corrosion and heat. It is a low-carbon version of 316 stainless steel and is often used in various industrial applications, such as chemical processing, food and beverage production, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Monel 400 Alloy and Its Unique Properties

Monel 400

Monel 400 is a nickel-copper alloy that is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. It is composed of approximately 67% nickel and 23% copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. Monel 400 exhibits a unique combination of properties that make it suitable for various applications, especially in environments where […]

What are the characteristics and uses of P11 alloy steel pipe

What are the characteristics and uses of P11 alloy steel pipe The advantage of P11 alloy steel pipe is that it can be 100% recycled, in line with the strategy of environmental protection, energy saving and resource conservation, and the policy encourages the expansion of the application field of alloy pipe P11. At present, the […]

Learn more about Super Stainless Steel

Super stainless steel At the end of the twentieth century, both domestic and foreign countries began to develop stainless steel varieties, and the existing four major stainless steel classes have trial-produced “super” grades, the common characteristics of which are: to ensure a more stable organization from the composition design; Excellent corrosion resistance in more demanding […]


316L stainless steel

Comparison of weldability between 316L and 304 stainless steel316L stainless steel welding performance 316L stainless steel belongs to ultra-low carbon pure austenitic stainless steel, which has excellent weldability and a low possibility of intergranular corrosion. Larger tensile stress, larger welding heat input, and slower cooling rate are easy to form thermal cracks, corrosion cracking, and […]

What surface treatment can be done for precision stainless steel tubes?

precision stainless steel tubes manufacturer

Stainless steel precision tubes are produced, which are superior to ordinary stainless steel tubes in size, performance, and even appearance. The same is true for surface treatment. What surface treatment can stainless steel precision tubes do? 1. Remove the scale Oxide skin is the appearance of a layer of black hard material on the surface […]

Why can stainless steel welded steel pipes be used as drainage pipes?

stainless steel welded steel pipes

In the past, stainless steel pipes could be used for water pipes mainly as water supply pipes, and most of them were seamless steel pipes. And now we can see that stainless steel drain pipes are installed outdoors, which is what we often call stainless steel downpipes. Why can stainless steel welded pipes be used […]