Welding of 316l stainless steel pipe

Welding 316l stainless steel pipe requires attention: welding usually consists of bottom welding, filling welding, cover welding, automatic welding, and manual welding. The back argon protection is divided into the solid wire + TIG process and solid wire + TIG + water-soluble paper process; the back protection without argon is divided into flux-cored wire bottoming welding and rod bottoming TIG welding.

There are various connection methods for 316l stainless steel pipes. The commonly used types of pipe fittings are compression type, compression type, push type, welding type, and various derived connection methods. 1. Compression type: insert the square tube into the pipe fitting, and the two ends of the pipe fitting are protruding U-shaped grooves. 2. Welding type: Ring-shaped argon arc welding is performed on the usual socket-type pipe fittings and matching. Scope of application: pipelines in public buildings and large buildings.

During the use of 316l stainless steel pipe, be careful not to contact sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other things containing acidic substances. Organic acids are not allowed. 316l stainless steel pipe must pay attention to avoid contact between cement and lime, and also avoid cleaning with sewage and detergents during the cleaning process. These are generally the precautions for stainless steel pipes inside.