The basic principles for the selection of welding consumables, considering the spatial position of the weld

Some welding consumables are only suitable for welding at a certain position, and the welding effect at other positions is poor. Some welding consumables can be welded at various positions, and the characteristics of the welding position should be considered when selecting.

Consider welding working conditions and operating environment

(1) Where there is no DC welding machine, AC and DC welding consumables should be used.

(2) Some steel materials (such as pearlitic heat-resistant steel) need to undergo post-weld stress relief heat treatment, but due to equipment conditions or their own structural limitations and cannot be carried out, welding consumables with different chemical compositions from the base metal should be selected (such as Austenitic stainless steel welding consumables), post-weld heat treatment can be exempted.

(3) The welding consumables should be selected reasonably according to the construction site conditions, such as field operation and welding working environment.

(4) Where both acidic electrodes and basic electrodes can be satisfied, acid electrodes should be used as much as possible in view of the high requirements for operation technology and construction preparation of basic electrodes.

Consider the economics of production

(1) Under the premise of ensuring performance, try to use cost-effective welding consumables.

(2) For primary and secondary welds with different requirements on performance, different welding consumables can be used, and the comprehensive performance of welding consumables should not be one-sidedly pursued.

Consider welding efficiency

For structures with a large welding workload, high-efficiency welding materials should be used as much as possible when conditions permit, such as welding wire, iron powder electrodes, and efficient stainless steel electrodes.