Three main points that need to be paid attention to in the production of stainless steel capillaries

Stainless steel capillary has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, tensile strength, water resistance, and excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

Stainless steel capillaries can be freely bent into various angles and radii of curvature, with equal softness and durability in all directions. The stainless steel hose has flexible spacing, good flexibility, no obstruction, and rigidity; the stainless steel threading hose has a certain tension between the side buckles, and the axial tension can withstand more than 6 times the nominal inner diameter. Therefore, the installation of the stainless steel capillary is convenient, and the low-efficiency energy can be used effectively to achieve the effect of energy saving and comfort.

1. Can the annealing temperature reach the regular temperature?
The heat treatment of stainless steel is generally by solution heat treatment, which is usually called “annealing”, and the temperature is limited to 1040~1120 °C (Japanese standard). You can also check through the inspection hole of the annealing furnace. The stainless steel tube in the annealing area should be incandescent, but not softened and sagged.

2. Annealing atmosphere
Generally, pure hydrogen is used as the annealing atmosphere, and the purity of the atmosphere is preferably more than 99.99%. If the other part of the atmosphere is an inert gas, the purity can also be lower, but stainless steel capillaries must not contain too much oxygen and water vapor.

3. Furnace body sealing
The bright light annealing furnace should be blocked and blocked from the outside air; if hydrogen is used as the maintenance gas, as long as one exhaust port is open (used to ignite the discharged hydrogen). The method of reflection can be smeared with soapy water on the cracks of each joint of the annealing furnace to see if the gas can escape; the place where the gas is most likely to escape is the place where the annealing furnace enters the pipe and the place where the pipe comes out. The sealing ring in this area is special. It is easy to wear and tear, and it is necessary to reflect and change frequently.

Zhongcheng can customize products of different specifications according to customer requirements. Dimensional accuracy is the core focus of stainless steel capillaries. When making stainless steel pipe fittings, the dimensional accuracy is very strictly controlled.