Why does stainless steel also rust?

Will stainless steel rust? It seems like a false proposition at first glance, but stainless steel rusts abound in life, such as in the picture below!

Why does iron rust?

When iron is exposed to the air, it reacts chemically with oxygen and moisture to produce various iron oxides. The specific manifestation is “rust”!

What is stainless steel?

A class of steel that has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation and also has the ability to resist corrosion in media containing acids, alkalis, and salts!

Why stainless steel resists rust

Elements such as tungsten and nickel are added to the surface of stainless steel to form a very thin, firm, and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film), which prevents the continuous infiltration and oxidation of oxygen atoms and obtains the ability to resist rust.
Why does stainless steel also rust?

Stainless steel rusts when the dense protective oxide layer is destroyed.

Under what conditions will the protective film be damaged?

1. Bleaching powder 2. Mechanical wear 3. Water

Stainless steel type

There are many types of stainless steel, with different properties and different user environments.

For example:304 steel pipe, in a dry and clean atmosphere, has absolutely excellent anti-corrosion ability, but if it is moved to the seaside area, it will rust quickly in the sea fog containing a lot of salt; and 316 steel pipe is a good performance.