ALPS Gauge High Precision Carbide Gauge and Precision Pin Product Features

ALPS Gauge High Precision Carbide Gauge and Precision Pin Product Features

1. Long-term utilization of the performance of superhard materials to achieve accuracy assurance period

  • Achieve gauges with excellent corrosion resistance, higher hardness and wear resistance than hardened parts
  • The coefficient of thermal expansion is half that of iron.
  • The mirror surface treatment of the HRA91 prevents scratches in the measurement part of the workpiece

2. Submicron compatible! Japan’s smallest diameter high-precision gauge manufacturing technology

  • It is guaranteed by a constant temperature and humidity box with a humidity of 20°C, a humidity of 50%, and a resolution of 0.01μm
  • The carbide needle gauge is manufactured in Φ0.02 mm
  • ISO9001 traceability system guarantee

3. Fastest delivery time in the industry

  • Both our standard shape products (JIS) and air micro nozzles will do our best to meet customer requirements.
  • If you contact us and provide the desired delivery date, we will deliver in a very short time.

Plug gauge, ring gauge, needle gauge

Cemented carbide plug gauge

  • Made of Φ0.02mm
  • Even short delivery times (shape standard products) can be achieved
  • Φ1mm~Φ50mmH7 tolerance products are in stock
  • We also produce ceramics (zirconia).
  • Depending on the size± intersection points of 0.25 μm or less can be accommodated.
Picture of cemented carbide plug gauge product

Carbide ring gauge

  • We manufacture from Φ0.3 mm (± 0.5 micron).
  • 1mm Tobi Main Ring Spot (Φ1~Φ50mm)
  • Short deliveries are also possible
  • We also produce ceramics (zirconia).

Carbide flat gauge

  • We will deliver from Φ0.02mm to 1 bottle in a short time.
  • High accuracy guaranteed. ISO9001 traceability system guarantee
  • Compatible with special shapes such as C-face, R-face, tapered, stepped and shank
  • ± 0.3 μm or less
  • We also produce ceramics (zirconia).

Micro-spray of air

Vertical outside diameter measuring head and inside diameter measuring head
  • We will respond to the problem of short delivery time.
  • It can be made of direct blowing type Φ0.6 mm for internal measurement.
  • All materials can be manufactured, such as SKS, SKD, SKK, cemented carbide, etc.
  • We design and manufacture according to the drawings of the tested products.
  • Available in titanium coatings and diamond-like coatings.
  • Can be connected to various display manufacturers
  • We also produce cemented carbide.
  • External measurement types are also available for shorter lead times.

Minimum diameter (Φ0.6 mm) air microjet

Φ1.0mm final cut 6mm air microjet complete!

  • It effectively checks the size of small diameter holes and classifies them.
  • Automated and efficient work
  • Can connect with each host manufacturer (device limit)
  • We offer a set with master gauges (large and small)

Ultra-fine punch pin

  • We manufacture from Φ0.02mm.
  • Core pins, punches, guide pins, thimbles, reference pins, small diameter pins, step pins, various fixture pins
  • We also support 1 micron tolerances and lap processing.
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