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Chairman Message

The sage said: “There is no smooth road in the world. Only by constantly climbing on the rough road can we reach the glorious mountain top.” The development of an enterprise is like the survival of human beings. It will face endless hardships and accept the baptism of wind and rain. As a private enterprise, advantages and disadvantages coexist. In the face of the turbulent market, if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Only struggle can create more opportunities and open up a bigger stage.

“Professionalism achieves the future”, as the leader of the enterprise, I am well aware of the importance of corporate responsibility and the cruelty of market competition. Zhongcheng will continue to adhere to the principle of “harmonizing the world, benefiting good deeds” and “achieving customer satisfaction and gaining social recognition.” “business philosophy.

Looking back on yesterday’s performance, we sincerely thank those friends, colleagues and customers who have cared, helped and supported Zhongcheng; looking forward to the future, we hope to receive your continued encouragement and care.

Under the situation of the new economy, carbon peak, and carbon neutrality, let us be full of excitement and longing, and plan a new development blueprint, based on morality, integrity first, people-oriented, sincere and perfect; rigorous and pragmatic, pursuit of excellence, common Achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions and make the world a better place!